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Valkyrie Force: Reborn

Valkyrie Force: Reborn

Valkyrie Force: Reborn



I believe this was released before under the name "Union Raid" probably this is its officially launched name.
Anyway, not the best "guilty pleasure" type of game, in fact it was maybe one of the worst. The only strong point of this is waifu collection, everything else was done with minimum effort. Strategic aspect? Nah, just use whatever hero that slap the hardest (aka, rarest) since most the time skills just revolve around dealing %dmg+debuff. Graphics? Subpar with poor performance. Gacha? Horrid.

You're welcome to kill some time off w this game, but I don't recommend spending money on this as I rarely do so for any game from EYOU. For waifu whaling, seeks better built games like Destiny Child or Idle Angels.

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Raccoon Ch


Valkyrie Force: Reborn เกมแนวการ์ดเทรินเบสสาวๆ น่ารัก สไตน์น้องวาคีรี่ย์ ตอนต่อสู้เป็นตัวละครแบบจิบิน่ารัก



Dispite not being tagged as a bishojo game, this is 100% a booba game. Is there an even more uncensored version?

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