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Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen



I've played this game for 3 years solid and then took a break. It's really fun and i like how much you can really customize. It's a really solid game that you'll enjoy if you like fashion.

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I've played this game for around 2 years and I've spent about 3,000$~2,000$ on it. This is going to be a very long review filled with rage... First, this is a fashion game. There are stages you complete and chapters. Suits you gain through events,paying, crafting, recoloring or through stage drops. Evolving of stage drops, too. This game is solely only based on Fashion and dressing up. Second of all, this game is not new-player friendly at all. While it's not necessarily P2P (pay to play) because you don't need to spend money on it for things like grinding, progressing etc, It'll be incredibly hard for you to begin paying this game. Especially if you start joining events a month or two after you've started playing (like me [汗顏]). This game has some exclusive events that are said to never return. Usually, they are collab events, for example, the Vocaloid event, the 2 Barbie events, the Disney event or the Forzen event. Or the infamous ranking event suits....... [不滿] If you'd like to start this game now, you have to know a few really important things. 1. This game has events every single week. The break between events is only about 2-3 days. 2. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT spend your diamonds 'just like that'. Whether it is for stamina, the gachas or crafting suits. ALWAYS save your diamonds, especially if you're a new player and get the privilege of a lot of diamonds! And even more if you're a F2P (free to play) player. 3. This game has a lot of event formats. These events usually include 1-2-3-4 (mostly 2) suits and you sometimes have the choice of which suit you want to get first, sometimes you don't. This game has some events where you get your rewards in a certain order, for example, stamina events. They are called Tiered events. On each 'tire' you can get a different reward, for example, stamina + a clothing piece from 1 suit. Usually, these events make the less detailed and pretty suits the first suit you get. Tiered events are expensive, getting all suits varies from 4000-7000 diamonds. When the suits from these events return, they usually return for crafting and are a little more expensive than they were in the event. Then, there's events where you can get whatever clothing piece from whatever suit you want. Those are usually cheap (They sometimes have only 1 suit available too) but they also don't have very detailed or glamorous suits in them, as expected. Same returning algorithm as Tiered events. Gacha events. The ones I personally hate most. Why? Because the game PURPOSELY makes the drop rates and RNG SH!T. These events usually include only one suit, but getting that one suit may cost you between 4000-5000 and less if you're a god of the luck. I seriously don't recommend these, but sadly, exclusive events are always Gacha events. (We gotta grab all the money, no? [耍帥]) And, the most expensive event of all. Hell events. These events always cost above 10,000 diamonds except around 3 ones [厲害] Hell events consist of 5+ suits and each of them has their own individual story. They are often connected to characters in the story of the game. (Link to VERY helpful sheets for all hell events AND upcoming ones: https://amp.reddit.com/r/LoveNikki/comments/ap02yd/future_hell_events_costs_pictures_and_general_info/ ) Hell events are tiered, but often also a bit of luck based, but I think that this is best for you to see. Also, makes sure to check out Vivi gamings, Iri and Effie on Youtube! They have helpful guides on game events! 4. Most of, if not 80% of the game's most glamorous, detailed and dynamic suits are with money (and the rest are Hell event suits.... [發火]). it's very tempting not to spend on this game, so do keep in mind this game is honestly not a good choice if you're tempted easily and not doing well with money. I wasn't planning on paying for it, but here I am, being V12... [暈] (Though I don't play this game anymore) 5. For Arena styling themes, stage themes, event styling themes and Co-op styling themes, always use the site called " ln nikkis info" https://ln.nikkis.info/ They have a TON of helpful guides for every single stage and every single event! 6. Before a hell event comes or returns, there's always some really expensive (normal) event right before it. Such a cheap strategy to make your game P2P. And here's a helpful Tip as an end... Stay away from the Love Nikki fandom. it's the MOST toxic fandom I've EVER been in. Whether that is Amino, Instagram or Discord. The fandom is VERY toxic. Please stay away from it if you don't want to end up with trauma for the rest of your life and I'm being literal. Of course, I won't give names, but especially the Instagram fandom is the worst. I have a friend of mine who's went through EMOTIONAL ABUSE, BULLYING, HARASSMENT, GASLIGHTNING AND SO ON AND SHE STILL RECEIVES EMOTIONAL ABUSE FROM IT DESPITE MOST THE DRAMA BEING 2 YEARS OLD. This STUPID fandom is full of self absorbed, self proclaimed BRATS and DUMBA$$ES. Manipulative abusers. Cruel sh*tty rats. Drama queens. And 99% of these people are ADULTS above the age 20. Also stay away from the Starry Corridor. The most toxic place of Love Nikki. Another tip, the developers of this game are greedy. VERY greedy. They rarely really listen to their players. Their Instagram is @lovenikki_mobile if you're curious, you can always check the raging comments... [汗顏]

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I love it, I'm from Vietnam ❤️

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