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Taiko No Tatsujin+

Taiko No Tatsujin+


Gyro Zeppeli


It's good to have a version of taiko with me where ever i go, the ui is simple and easy to understand, however playing taiko with a touchscreen isn't the ideal way to play.

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no error here. the UI is simple/fast/easy to understand even without high japanese language knowledge. easier if you know how the arcade system works. kinda similar. downside: starts with 14 free songs (very limited). songs can be unlocked by collecting stamps (12clear = 1ticket). unlockable gallery only offers merely 20songs. 1ticket to unlock 1song, which the song expires in 8days. for additional content, requires 500¥/month. I didnt purchase it nor can I read Japanese so I don't know what it offers entirely. I'd rather spend the money on arcades ┌(.Д.┌ )┐

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