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*I'll review the beta and then might remake or edit my review when the game officially comes out in case they change lots of things.

The graphics are very good, so far the cards available have been very nice (and the skill stats are good) the 3d models are good and the costumes are pretty. Gacha rate ups are trash though. Idk if they'll change it.

The songs are good, I'm not really a fan of prsk vocaloid tuning though, it makes the vocas average at best. I do like that multuple covers are available to play but I could listen to a better vocaloid cover on YouTube. So really I'm just playing for the seiyuu covers, which are really good, or the original versions. I like the seiyuu casting for sekai as well and love projects that have seiyuu sing vocaloid covers!

Very good gameplay, in beta the note scores have been very forgiving (there is no way I've hit that many perfects in songs) I don't know if they'll change that. Apparently ensekai is less optimised for devices than the Chinese server, so some people won't be able to play on EN but can on Traditional Chinese server with same device. Also SEA are getting their own server apparently but they don't have a beta yet and can't play global beta which is a shame since China and global are progressing at the same time. I love the live concerts, the timings are a bit awkward for me so I will probably stay up all night to watch them when the game releases. One problem I have with the rest of gameplay is that rank rewards only give you 4 cover song cards per character, in beta this isn't really a problem but surely in the full game there will be more than 4 covers per character, will we be able to buy or exchange them from somewhere for gems. Would we have to pay money for cover song packs?

Good storyline, for a game that's marketing itself as 'hatsune miku colorful stage' but is mostly filled with non vocaloid characters they did a good job of introducing them and not just making miku the star of the show. I'd be surprised if anyone playing doesn't like at least one unit. People on twitter have complained about bad translation and preferring fan translation but in the beta the devs have been responsive and changed translations.

Not really related to the game but the ensekai twitter account has been very active and its nice to see. The devs have been super responsive in beta fixing things. After playing the beta it left me with a nice experience of the community that will carry over when I play the fully released game and get nothing in the gacha and not rank in events 💔

Overall decent value, good for any vocaloid fans, but will probably become a gacha you're tempted to whale on and I don't think it's worth that just yet.

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guys do not download this game it will make you forget what the colour of grass is and what it feels like to breathe fresh air you will turn into kanade, staying in your room 24/7 doing nothing but furiously stabbing your device and gambling for fictional characters this game gave me stage 69 depression as i did not get the characters i want even after grinding my ass off and giving them my life savings so in short darkfes akito come home or im burning all the plushies of you that i have



Когда я начинаю спамить вандохоем, а другие подхватывают эту волну и повторяют за мной, я чувствую себя диктатором. Людьми так легко манипулировать

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