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Retro Bowl

Retro Bowl

Retro Bowl

Matthew Bare


it's good for killing time, but could be better. Teams with 2 star defences can somehow tackle you from half the world away, wide receivers (even if you have one 4 star and up) miss catches 65% of the time. Opposing team's offenses automatically score touchdowns 75% of the time at the very least. Keep in mind, this is on dynamic difficulty, but its just difficult for the sake of it, as opposed to the challenging kind.

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Lit Dabfam


very fun sub game, mosty play when i get bord of the main games i play. great game, also maybe should make it so player can earn hall of fame that would be nice

Owen Cade


Retro bowl, the classic looking football game. I love it! Its fairly simple and verh fun.

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