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It has beautiful visual and awesome voice lines. I really love the game, and recommend to everyone! [開心]

UPDATE: well I'm playing this game from a long time now so it's time to a longer rating.

first of all the graphics is still beautiful and the voicelines are still amazing! The storyline is good, but the game update is slow so if you already read the last chapter you have to a wait a long time for the next one. In this time there are little or bigger events but they're all the same so in the end they become boring.

the cards are really a piece of beauty, but getting them? if you don't spend money on the game it's a nightmare. Or not a nightmare but it's really hard. I know the developers need to get some money from the game, but getting invitations only by money or really, I repeat really hard work takes a lot of time and effort. I'm a college student and I merely have a little time playing this game so.. but in the end I can't just stop playing it because I have way too high level in the game (I'm on lvl 74) and I don't want to lose it.

so overall from lvl 70 the game without new chapters and with only a few events become a bit boring (for me at least).

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The game size is almost 4GB. The graphics are great for a game like this. Characters are interesting. The card’s art is so pretty but getting the cards that you want when you’re f2p or just unlucky is really hard lol. The storyline is also great. Gameplay is not that good but not that bad either. UI has became more decent after the update. I’ve seen lots of improvements in Global though the game is still kicking me out all of a sudden [發怒] Strengthening cards is kind of hard and takes a lot of time but your hard work will be paid off once you complete it. You can do plenty of tasks daily, weekly, or rookie tasks especially if you’re a new player to gain things, you can even receive a lot in achievements and fieldwork. Though, there’s nothing much to do if you already completed the tasks and the main story. Events are mostly the only thing that you’ll do in the game plus the temple of trials, daily & weekly tasks but that will not be the case if you’re already attached to the game. All in all, the game’s pretty good but I hope it will improve more.

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