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Animal Boyfriend | English

Animal Boyfriend | English

Animal Boyfriend | English



Ok for this for any casual players out there. Definitely this is the english version and i might say, it's fun until it last for me though.

It's pretty old-style but there's more to it. There are sure raising games like this and I'm enjoying it especially for dressing them and letting them do the work. You firstly have to choose your pet boyfriend and so you leveling them up as usual by work,study that it can make them into building up their personality and even giving items.

I love dressing them up(gacha more chlothes ><❤️)
Moreover you would love to build up their personality that suits your liking![厲害] For sure talking with them makes you feel fluff(「`・ω・)「

The Events are still ongoing and Stories to go thru. Events will gave out gachas and lucky for you, free for first roll and gettin one item![哇噻]

Again, this IS for Simple,Casual players which involve a slow progress playing. Internet connection is needed! And You can always check anytime for your baby. You'll go for it!ヾ(・ω・*)ノ

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Liselotte Von teese


THIS IS SO CUTE (っ´ω`c) im in love with it 💕



I play this, dream boyfriend en and jp also dream girlfriend en ,lol

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