Princess Connect! Re: Dive | English

Princess Connect! Re: Dive | English

Princess Connect! Re: Dive | English

Ryleona Moderator


Priconne suprised me a lot. While it doesn't invent the wheel or do anything super crazy or unique, it does pretty much everything right. It's a very f2p friendly gacha, you can pretty reliably get every character you want. It's a good gacha for people who want to just play a casual waifu collector, with high level Clan Battle and PvP being good options for people who perfer to play in a more hardcore, competitive enviroment. The story isn't a litterary masterpiece objectively, but compared to the story you come to expect from gacha games, i'd say it's up there. I like the guildhouse decoration a lot, there's a lot of variety, anyone will probably find something that appeals to them. The music is catchy and doesn't get old and the menus are clean and easy to navigate. While it doesn't stand out above the croud in any one regard, it definitely at least hits the mark in every regard, presenting a very well balanced option that any kind of gacha gamer can get into and enjoy.

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ini masih softlaunch jangan kasih rating rendah goblok. kalo full riliss baru mulai ada event. dan yang ngeluh soal size, di awal udah di kasih pilihan. Download aja yang kualitas standard no voice. Edit : Sekarang dah rilis tapi belom ada event, nabung aja dulu buat Princess fest. kalo jiwa esport kurang di sarankan main ni game, ni game buat santai nikmati story. yang ngalamin black screen mungkin chipset ente kurang memadai buat main ni game minimal harus snapdragon seri 600, chipset mediatek seri p60/70 kurang disarankan kecuali seri g90t dan yang terbaru, Ram minimal 3gb kalo mau main lancar dan no kendala soalnya ful sizel bisa sampe 8 gb di sv JP. CMIIW



Es un juego muy entretenido, llevaba años en el servidor JP, y ahora toca disfrutar el Global. Todo sea dicho, es un juego en su mayoría Auto 😂 o Semi-Auto. Farmear, e ir subiendo, para poder superar las stages. Lo bueno es que son generosos con los f2p, o en JP al menos si, no se que hará CrunchyRoll con este juego, solo espero y deseo que sea igual o mejor que el servidor JP, y no arruinen esta maravilla de juego. En general le doy una valoración de 4*, ya que los gráficos están decentes, los escenarios son preciosos, y las músicas buenas. Pero el game play le resta, pues no es más que eso, auto en su mayoría xD. Buena suerte a tod@s y que saqueis a vuestras chicas favoritas, nos vemos en el juego ~ [怪笑]

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