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Food Fantasy



ive been playing this game a long time. I love this boys ///-///

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Miku Rin


This is a great game! it has me addicted😭😭 now i stay up till 4 am😢 but the more dedication, the more reward😆 and to all those who are giving it low rating for not finding the Japanese voices should check in the settings. Tap your profile->press settings->download the jp voice by clicking at the option in the top->go to food souls tab and listen~ though some take time and some don't have yet. Please keep up the good work developers! Your hard work is bearing fruit😊💕



Okay so this is an updated review, I'll try my best to be concise. I've been playing Food Fantasy for almost 2 years, so, I think I can tell you way better than before what's this game and the good and bad things. ★ Let's start with the graphics, the character's design is absolutely amazing and cute, It is something that has improved a lot in these years, you can see a huge difference between the old UR's and new ones, I find really original the way that every character is designed and the little details which help you to see clearly which food they are. Same with the chibi versions, they are so sweet and full of details and expressions, the artwork is impeccable. ★ Involving the Music and Voice, I think that the other best part of the game is the VA, they are really professional and you can feel the amount of experience they have when you see that they do different characters with oposite personalities and voice tones, I also want to be a VA so, seeing the effort put into the game for this part is formidable. The music is also pretty good! Even though sometimes it can be a bit repetitive, every place that you'll se on the game has it's particular and unique music, something really enjoyable. ★ The gameplay itself doesn't have anything special and it can be kinda boring, in the low-level stages, for example, being a veteran is the worst thing because (unless you swap the level), you can't even use the skills to help the food souls (which is the only participation that you have in battles), you just keep watching if they die or not or if they activate their linked skills or not. [汗顏] ★ The storyline is like inexistent, literally, you can read it but as the game progresses you start to feel that everything is super random and you just lose any interest on it. It's sad because the individual food soul's story is way more interesting that the general one, and seriously, the general one has a lot of potential rather than to just be there without doing nothing else but giving you some little rewards. ★ Gacha is different than the rest points that I've talked about, I think that in this game gacha is pretty good! It's really easy to save the souls that you use for the pulls, it's better, however, to wait for the gacha events (which are not like every month). As the crystals, the most important currency, it's also good! They are easy to get but you have to know if it's worth to spend them in some events, you never know which is going to be the next one! ★ Lastly I want to talk about the restaurant management and the things that really matter when you are playing this game. The restaurant management is a bit poor to be honest, I though that it would have way more details since it is the principal thing in this game, however, it doesn't mean that is bad. There are also lots of guilds with amazing people, the problem that I find here is that it would be cool to do more activities in group asides of the beast one, because you don't have like that feeling of "I'm playing with my team", everyone just does it's work and that's it. (Even though you can battle with people in Team Up) And I think that's all! This game isn't for everybody, I have to say, however, If you like Business games and RPGs, you should definitely try it, also if you like character design and perfect voice actings, give it a try! [不滿]

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