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Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang



Hrmmm Best jugaklah [不滿]

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Toxic players, Gamethrowers and solos took-over this game! and all they talk about is reporting each other. Even ur teammates starts complaining before the match starts. Go find another game if you care about your sanity . 😒



People who are saying that who says this game is trash they dont know anything about moba and u cant rank up so u complain.....like come on, im a mythical glory 1.6k points and im saying this game is bad. I have been grinding for top global gusion and miya and there are so many cheaters in the leaderboard that you can never ever ride that much. they play against their friends with 40+ kills each game. now tell me if this game is trash or not. the mmr doesnt matter here, moonton gives no fck about this lb cheat...they are after the afk people who are sufferring from their server lag. Now prove me wrong. Then i will say this game is good

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