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Deep Insanity ASYLUM

Deep Insanity ASYLUM

Deep Insanity ASYLUM

Piya Teekapark


ตอนเข้าเกมส์ กดปุ่ม ซ้าย ขวา ซ้าย จะเข้าเล่นได้โดยไม่ต้องโหลดข้อมูล
กดสคริปจนถึงกดกาชา การันตี ssr 1 ตัว แต่สามารถออกได้มากกว่า 1 ตัว
ออกได้ไม่ตรงใจ ไปลบข้อมูลจากในเครื่องแล้วเข้าเกมส์ใหม่

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ディープインサニティ アサイラム | Deep Insanity ASYLUM Gameplay: https://youtu.be/qxxYPSKdCEw

Shin Gangrelion


Licensed mobiles RPGs can be pretty mediocre, but this one is pretty good so far. I wouldn't recommed this for someone who can't read Japanese. The language barrier is strong in this one. Battle system is pretty engaging, fast-paced and complex, with combos, lots of customizations and all kinds of upgrade systems, but don't go expecting all this to be easy to understand if you can't read anything. The story is one of the highlights, however, don't expect this to be a faithful adaptation of the anime with the same name that came out on the same week! The story in this game only borrows the basic plot and a few characters from the anime, but the rest is completely different. To begin with, the atmosphere and themes in the game are much darker than the light-hearted and often silly anime. The MC is a whole different character not found in the anime, while the protagonist from the anime is nowhere to be seen. The game MC is a bit of a psychopath, and his interactions with the rest of the cast provides a really interesting read, specially because his companions are all so unique and crazy in their own ways (hence the title). The music is also excellent! Not only the main theme peformed by vtubers from hololive, but the entire OST is top notch, giving the right atmosphere that fits with the main elements in the story. My first complain is a big one, and I believe everyone who played it will agree with me: There are very few characters! there's a total of 10 characters at launch, but each character gets at least 3 alts! some units even have 2 SSR versions. Their 3D models, illustrations, voice lines and skill sets are different from one another, but it's still a very limited roster, and the fact that you can't use characters with the same name on the same team only makes matters worse. This might be just a temporary issue, though. Those who play Punishing Gray Raven may remember that game suffered from a similar issue at launch, but not anymore. Another issue is the story presentation. While the story itself is very interesting and the dialog is well-written, the presentation leaves a lot to be desired! All the story sequences only show a few character jpegs with a dialog box at the center (the tipical visual novel style), which is quite boring to watch. The complete lack of voice acting in the story doesn't make it any better. All in all, I think this game has a lot of potential, but I wouldn't recommend it for those who can't read complicated kanji and military terminologies (which this game constantly uses). In the end, The story is the best part of the experience, so if can't read it, you will feel just confused and bored.

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