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Code Geass Genesic Re;CODE

Code Geass Genesic Re;CODE

Code Geass Genesic Re;CODE

Rakib emon


no English version
Edit : There's nothing special in this game
The ultimate animation in this game is really disappointing
the battle system isn't good either
all you have to do is touch the character icon

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After so long we finnaly have it!! 😭😭🙏 Love the game! The combat is very familiar as a classic turn based chibi! Visually appealing with its own unique features and graphics. Voicelines, sound effects and stories are perfect for this type of apps style! Gacha rates 3% for a 4star not bad and the Cards look amazing! You are able to have a character of your choice on your homescreen which is common. You do have the option to pay for summons in the app costs about the same amount as every gacha game I've played. 2 gachas are available one for characters and another for supports. Think of it like Helios heros rising or Seven deadly sins Grand cross where you put frames or supports underneath the Character! The game also has a small strategy like combat feature where you have to organize a defense and attack team! You move to attack the enemy and move your defense team to support allies but leaving your piece in danger~ There is a auto feature for this but will most of the time result to a 2 star. This function is unique as its gameplay is really fun! Only I guess "issue" which really isnt but, will be that the main combat is very common throughout a lot of turn based combat apps. Overall, I've really enjoyed this game so far and I suggest you give it a try! Our beloved Code geass characters are illustrated beautifully and I cant wait for the upcoming content for this app! Only scary thing is I hope it doesnt become "pay a lot to get a really strong character" type of game *aka ptw* but i doubt it [哇噻] Code geass has been one of my favorite franchises for so long 😭 Im so happy they finally made a app and I intend to support it as much as I can!



Great game, art is nice. So far as a new player there's something called abyss to keep me into the game for a long time . Game is f2p and money is only needed if you want to collect every unit

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