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Touken Ranbu ONLINE | English

Touken Ranbu ONLINE | English

Touken Ranbu ONLINE | English




The game is pretty easy to pick up with the help of the straightforward tutorials (best fox konnousuke[開心]) and maybe a few here and there will let you get hang of the game.

Graphics wise i say it's not really bad. For me, it's very unique on how they never tried to change the game design to be on par with modern gacha games. The aesthetic of the game is actually relaxing to look at [害羞][害羞] The music is calming and the interaction you can do with characters thru poking the screen is also one of the cute stuffs ÒwÓ

I'd say this is very free-to-play friendly unless you really are a hardcore tourabu fan (like me[厲害]) since it doesnt require you to buy things on the shop unless you really do want to. The events are easy to come by and the forging system (the gacha) is also fun in my opinion! [開心][開心]

All in all i rate it 100% better than any modern maiden gacha games[厲害][厲害]

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Okay! Since I LOVE touken Ranbu, this game will always get a solid 5* from me. This current version ISN'T AVALIBLE TILL THE 31ST TO PLAY. The voice acting is amazing, and has many of my faves! Each sword, has its own music so you can customise the music in your Citidle home screen, same as change them into their Yakuta. I recommend saving materials, as OG olayers from the JPN version know...theres gonna be a Sword boy you want! For me, Onimaru is who i'd be saving up for on this version! The only down fall is, some events CAN be P2P, as in items to progress faster! I'm a free player and the grind is real 😭👌 JPN version is around 540 MB while this version for now, is 192MB! (´◔​∀◔`) EDITED AS OF AUGUST 18TH 2021 242 MB is needed! my last rating, I forgot to say. **KEEP TROUPS WITH SWORDS OTHERWISE YOUR SWORDS WILL DIE/BREAK!!**



Es un juego muy lindo visualmente pero tiene mucho potencial desperdiciado. Siendo una persona que les gustan este tipo de juegos (RPG, Novelas visuales, Simuladores) Touken Ranbu a sido uno de los mas vacíos y monotonos que eh jugado en cuanto al gameplay. La jugabilidad da para muchisimo más, ya que en sí solo puedes "elegir" la formación que llevaran las espadas en los combates (y eso entre muchas comillas porque el mismo juego te dice cual es la mejor y la peor) y de ahi en fuera solo puedes ver como tus lindos espadachines pelean automáticamente con los enemigos, lo que lo hace aburrido y simple...y eso me pone realmente triste, porque hay muchos otros juegos de su estilo como Bungou Stray Dogs, Nu Carnival y hasta Twister Wonderland que tienen mejores mecanicas de combate que los hacen muy divertidos y emocionantes! Y de verdad me duele que sea así porque Touken Ranbu es una de mis franquicias favoritas, lo conoci por el anime de Hannamaru y de ahi me enamore: me encanta la histora, el diseño de sus personajes, las personalidades de estos y sus habilidades, realmente espero que mejoren el gameplay y sus mecanicas en cuanto a los combates porque esta franquicia se lo merece totalmente.

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