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This is my review based on my playtime since server open at 12JST till i'm stuck/run out of stamina, so around 3 hrs or more of playtime. (Sorry for this long a*s thesis btw. Lol)

While the overall graphics is good, it's not as good as what I expected. Considering how good their key visual and promotional art. It just decently looking good albeut a bit clunky at some animation. Also all the movement is just almost basic and the skill animation quality is not smooth either. Maybe you think the problem is my phone, but the game doesn't have a graphic setting feature. Which is a huge problem for most people since the game is kinda spec demanding.

I really appreciate they do all the voice over for all scene, story, etc. Also you can choose wether to download all voice or not. So you can save more space on your storage. For the music itself, again, not as good as I expected. It's nice to hear, they give it a touch of classical instrument and arrangement, but not really standout either which is kind of a let down for me. None of it make me impressed.

Just your usual turn base gacha game. You either like it or get bored of it. Nothing special at all, all things in the game is just so basic that you don't need to know about japanese to know what you do. Which is good and worse at the same time. Bcs all you do is just turn on that auto play and 2x simce start of tutorial, watch you win the stage, grind materials for lvl up, lvl up artifacts, lvl up skill card, back to story again, grind event. Just your usual boring grind stuff on gacha game. Also there's some graphical bug where the enemies picture not showing up on screen and some text goes missing/all white when I play on 2x speed on chapter 2. Also the biggest letdown is the event, you need earth elemental chara but the game not even give 1 for free either from newbie reward or story, so you need to keep pulling those gacha hoping for an earth chara, else you can get f**ked up by the event or goodluck spending all your time grinding your a*s considering how low the stamina pool and it took a while to get enough stamina to play some stages.

I won't explain it too much, if you watch the anime, you will know what is it about. This game is just the continuation from that anime, so the main point of the story is pretty much still the same.

They put chara and skill card on the same pool, which is not good at all considering how hard to get gems in game. For chara there's no rarity but you still need the dupe to limit break your chara skill lvl. For skill card to equip on your chara, the highest rarity is 4* and both chara and 4* card drop rate is 3%. You think that's high? Then pray to Lady Fortuna that your way of thinking is true. My only 4* card right now is from the free 4* tix they give as newbie rewards and no chara at all from 30 pulls (free 10 tutorial pulls included). Again, you need to get all dupe you can to limit break the card skill lvl. Also important to notice, the skill card have their own elemental and weapon attribute. For weapon attribute you only able to equip it to the chara with same weapon attribute. So good luck trying to get a right one. Another thing I need to tell you is 1 multi pull cost 3000 gems and you need 150 pulls to get spark, but this is where the bullshit start. Your spark is choose between chara tix or 4* skill card tix, but both of them is random result. So you spark for ticket that only give you random result. You either happy or rage quit the game after spending all your gems/money for that kind of spark. Lmao.

While the game is not as good as what I expected, it's not bad either. Only recommended if you bored enough with all your old game and just want to try new game, or maybe you have a waifu/husbando you like on the game. But personally I don't recommend to invest too much time and money on this game and just have fun playing the game as a time waster. So if you like the visual and grindy game is your thing, go ahead and give this game a try.

Thanks for reading.

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