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Brown Dust | Korean

Brown Dust | Korean

Brown Dust | Korean



More stories please i been playing this for years now XD

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John Lawrence


navers facebook login isnt working atm dont know if anyone else is having issues but not able to play brown dust atm.. is this game brown dust reload or brave nine? k so update wanted me to sign up for some thing lol at first it wasnt letting me even play. however few trys restarting the app and back on so if ur having trouble just be patient i guess lol this game by far is my favorite and the korean version is where its at! dunno how the english version is now 'brave nine' but it totally fails in comparison to the original! had to leave my old english account behind its just not the same feel as 'brown dust'! and absolutely the same game with a second jumpstart quest! literally leveled to lvl 30 in like a week also and your given 1500 ancient coins for a third legend! talk about sweet deal! english version said id recieve 1500 at lvl 40 however due to getting a legend b4 reaching lvl 40 they simply didnt give me the coins! to anyone joining if ur having difficulty understanding the language there is an image language translation site if u search google! so ill end with people say this is pay to win game. it is however ive spent no money and im doing just fine! dont mind at all because this game literally wants u to play and gives away gems daily! i highly recommend trying this game to anyone that enjoys playing team based games as its 9vs9 not 1vs1 or 3vs3, ive even seen 5vs5 but honestly love the teams of 9vs9 very nicely done NEOWIZ!




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