The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross | Global

The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross | Global

The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross | Global



This game is pretty good. But maybe it is because I am a starter. I honestly have no care about doing PVP but my -oh my, I am thankful that someone reccomeded this to me. I pretty much only played it for a certain blonde knight and was able to get her. 😍 But maybe that is my bias with the game.
Tbh I was very skeptical at first because I am recently bored of turn based RPG games (despite how beautiful the graphics are like Lord of Heroes, Priconne and Food Fantasy) but this one has quite nice gameplay but it is kind of boring but it is still good.
The gacha system kinda reminds me of FGO, but there are more ways to get the said currency. Like doing quests, completing acheivements and raising a towns affection. (Though Imma save up to buy my waifu new clothes)

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Gabriel Oliveira


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Anyone have a potato phone like me which don't let you download 7ds because it's not compatible on your potato phone on Google play? Same as me. The crashing of the game is a bit annoying (the 2 minute start up), but the main issue is when you crash in the middle of a death march or pvp, sometimes even on the beginning or the end of the match, hopefully this will be fixed soon enough to get our best experience of the game. 😃

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