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Kanpani Girls

Kanpani Girls


Shin A72


This is one of my favorite, the least thing I can do to honor this is by writing a positive review. Cherished game, thank you everyone for your support and the effort to make this game as it is now. Everything has come to an end, so this is goodbye and wish the best for everything! Thank you!

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John Smith


The gameplay is actually quite good even though it looks very plain and simple, the characters look very cute and pretty (the main point 😂) the storyline is not that bad too. I think the game could be better if the battle is a bit more flashy but not too much. The sound could be improved and the main thing, please show the full image when the characters get injured😏 and the "glasses" from the site version too. thank you for the game, i appreciate it alot.

Exzcellion Gamma


Overall a very nice game with very memorable characters. Florence is love; Florence is life.

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