Uta Macross Smartphone De Culture

Uta Macross Smartphone De Culture

Uta Macross Smartphone De Culture



[開心] Yay I can finally play it! My only gripe with this game is that the loading is very slow in my phone but it is very worth it!

Tbh, I know nothing about Macross but this game is so good!!!

The gameplay is so interesting and so smooth that it feels so good once completed.
The songs are very nice! It ranges from soft songs to some party rock!
The aesthetic is very great. It's a good mix of scifi nineties and modern takes of idol girls.The girls look so cute. Especially Freyja!!!
I reccommend this game alot [開心]

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●▽● Love it! The graphics and artwork is good, and the 3D models are cute and not completely awful. The game is pretty easy to understand even if you don't know Japanese; especially if you've played many other rhythm games, as it follows similarly in gameplay. For any minor details that you can't figure out, there should be a wiki/reddit somewhere. Easily a favorite out of many rhythm games.

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💖 its thanks to this game that got me to love the series and love so many songs from it its really fun to play also too many best girls and Basara😍

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