Attack on Titan: Humanity's Last Hope

Attack on Titan: Humanity's Last Hope





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Interesting concept yet preety stale in progression The game don't force you to have ssr but force you to top up for mikasa SSR [懵懂] Cause the game use synergy system (extra skill with certain units) and the most used one will be Jean(3rd day login gift), Eren, armin and MIKASA And for non paying people best build for starter would be Connie, hannes, Eren, armin, jean so don't focus too much on mina (the girl) For 5 rating Graphics is straight worse than assault (but they didn't stole the graphics like a certain game) Sound is very good since not dub and use ost instead of random weird music Gameplay is fast pace 5 tap which is better than certain one tap Storyline its meh Value is... Tbh bad I don't think this game can hold long but it's still better than assault

Sherrice jackson


Ah another Chinese game. with that comes the same things like others (VIP system) the gameplay is pretty simple but it's damn sure better than that horrible tactics game. the graphics look decent enough and the gacha only allows you to pull one unit. the storyline is pretty much the same so there is nothing really different in that aspect. kudos to the game for using the JP CVs. you're going to see people use the term "pay to win" this game is not that. with the way the game works you don't need the SSR units. SR is the highest in the gacha and it seems you will be able to raise their star level (evolve) them by simply rolling extra copies. if there is supposed to be a JP version of this then they'll need to make a couple improvements (gacha rate for instance. I couldn't find anything on the actual rate) also there is no Erwin yet again. Getting pretty sick of this to be honest.

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