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Graphics - Good
Sound - Good, but i hope we could costumize sound at our home
Gameplay - I love it~ unlike other MMORPG that do everything by AUTO mode this one doesnt have auto mode so its perfect
Storyline - Well its good but now im not interested to read it ( i skip it all time now ) actually i hope we could just skip it all without watching the scene with fast forward because after 5 characters i got bored doing story all over again :c
Value - Its a great game.. But u have to be patient to improving.. I guess some guild will guide u, but if ure on ur own its hard to progressing..
U could achieve all things u want if u work hard :)

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Not gonna lie, this game is not new player friendly. You'll find yourself lost and far from experienced players in terms of level, money, and strength. However, that doesn't take away the fun in the game. Find a good guild, read guides online. There's a lot. A little reading can help you catch up and learn what you're missing out on. Especially as a new player. Otherwise, you'd find it harder. What made me fall in love with the game are the graphics and, most importantly, the No Auto mechanics. Everything has to be done by you. No auto walk, no auto fight. I love MMORPGs like this. Give it a try. It's a great game and I've been playing it for years! ^^



Cocok dimainin sama pengidap insomnia, coba farming ntar langsung ngantuk

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