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Destiny Child: Defense War

Destiny Child: Defense War

Destiny Child: Defense War



Theres no story on this game.. But the gameplay is realllyyy good!... Ive play this game around 2 years... Before this game is pretty p2w on the higher arena but now there is so many way to obtain the gems and the legendary card😍.. The card doesnt really balanced well before but i think it's ok now for pvp, as for co-op theres just 1 OP deck card that oftenly used for reaching wave 300+.. Not much choice for coop deck.. (idk how is it if all card reached max lvl but my card only lvl 10 to 11 for now) im not F2p (i made 2 purchases of gems) but ive got all the cards.. The event reward not really good.. Its like just wasting time play about 12 matches? And got 1 box as final reward or gold or 1 heart shape stone[大哭] but its pretty interesting for testing card/deck 👀 im still playing now.. If u need a raid partner or coop wave around 250 to 300 i could help ~ ID : CQAKKM

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whale vs f2p = a massive win for whales. tactic = is kinda important. not just in ur line up. but in the play too.. because of the boss skills?. chest = i really hate chest system like this.. why 1 instead of 4? i mean.. if u can have 4 chest at a time but u can only open 1. whats the points on having 4 slots? to me. that doesn't make sense at all. i know they're copying clash royale mechanics. but thats only work if they do it in 2010 or something. but now.. there are lots of pretty good rpgs and casual games. games like this where u need to open thr chest just to open it is kinda frustating.. pretty letdown to this kind of mechanics.. not only f2p players who be annoyed in this mechanics. whales too. gameplay = the game is pretty relaxing. so smooth.. i like the coop game by the way.. but.. i hope they can add single on that coop gameplay because.. i like to see how my line up is.. is it pretty good ot nahh.. before i play matches.. well they dont considet that possibility.. girls u can collect = is pretty mehhhh.. i like destiny child. but the fact that girls here are just the same as the girls in the original makes no sense to me yo rven collect all of them. if i can collrct them on the othet game. i hope they add some twist here where u can date girls or kinda interactive gameplay where u can wear costume or skins. something like that.. well. i know its just release the other day.. but for now.. this game is nahhh



ce jeu est très amusant, quand tu a gagné un combat tu gagne un "coffre" que tu peut déverrouiller, attendre, et puis profiter de tes récompense, c'est le (cycle) mais il n'y a pas que ça les personnages dans ce jeu vienne de destiny child et avec une utilité parfois totalement différente que dans le jeu d'origine, ce qui donne une envie de créer des combo au lieu de juste recopier l'équipe qu'on a déjà dans l'autre jeu il y a aussi un système d'arène puis de ligue qui laisse place à la compétition pvp, et des clans qui vous permette d'échanger des cartes ou d'en demander bref ce jeu est génial et travaillé, ce qui donne envie d'y jouer

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