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Cooking Battle!

Cooking Battle!

Cooking Battle!



Im not interested on the story.. But i love the gameplay its similiar as overcooked on pc. Idk its p2w or not but i could enjoy the game so far.. I could win ranked match but sometimes my teammate like a bot (stopped moving after 1/2 minutes and i had to push/kill her first so she could move again) and the other team cooperate nicely its not fair... Btw anyone looking for a friend to play story or ranked for fun~ add me : Dilsy

Edit: day 20 - trophy 3k+ getting harder to win.. U will face with lvl 10 characters thats too OP.. Its unfair for newbie like me who havent had any lvl 10 character.. But i still love it.. And still waiting for new season updates on dec 31 ? XD But i guess it will be pretty boring cause the season is too long :c

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exciting cooking game[開心][害羞][怪笑]

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