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This is without a doubt a great game but a big saddening as it only supports korean language. Can't give a full review as I still can't understand everthing but one thing I know is that if you love azur lane, then you will love this too. Edit: Despite the language barrier, After a Week of Gameplay, I enjoyed it to the fullest and this is definitely a go-to game which everyone would definitely enjoy like whenever you want to slack off. Edit Again: Global Update is here! So means the full English Release! Now I can understand the whole story XD



I wanted another game cuz i was bored until i just liked the title and then started playing it. Not my playstyle game, but y'know what gotta try it just to be sure. But man oh boy it's real good, it's bugging that's fine, it's still early just lookin at it, but I really am thrill to see this game going, even without the translation that's okay(plz do the translation plz[賣萌][微笑]) moreover I hope this encourages the development for the long journey ahead, stay safe and thank you. (idk y i said that dont blame) PS: I'm still playing this because I like the song music so much and those maid i want to have!!!!

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