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Aurora Legend | English

Aurora Legend | English

Aurora Legend



Hello. I lost the crystals. Tell me where to write a complaint?

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Corrlin Perry


Pretty good game for those who like hero collectors and idle battles.

Akira Leir


Pay-to-win, no matter what people say in the game chat or in other reviews. You are going to wade through several months of mindless grinding if you want to get anywhere close to what whales are able to achieve whenever they can, and by then your server will probably already have become a barren land dominated by 4~8 people, all while waiting for the inevitable server merges. All in all, this is a short-lived game that will most likely close down in two~four years, so invest your time/money wisely. Edit: As I thought, this game is dying. First they release a whale-centered character that can solo three characters in PvP, completely breaking the balance and making people quit the game in droves, and as if that's not enough, they're also creating new servers needlessly, probably to lure heavy spenders to hop servers just to get ahead sooner, since each previous new server barely have enough players for it to be a "fun" experience. Chat cen**rship also got e**n more retarded.

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