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Medabots S: Unlimited Nova

Medabots S: Unlimited Nova

Medabots S: Unlimited Nova

Kuromi Okumura


Simple but funny, it offers variety and well-balance things, concentrating one and only medabots without add elements in the gatcha that make the rates even worse than it is. Everything here is useful, you can combine and customize, try a lot of techniques, and it is worth collect crystals and try as much as you can the gatcha to obtain the complete medabot that you want. So, It is a pretty game to try. (I kept a eye on this game but I wouldn't try it, finally I took the first step thanks to the Rockman.exe event and I got my Rocktrans[色色])

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Sham Zkull


Please we need English version.



What's not to like? Its the good ol' Medabots game. Gameplay is the same as the one on the Gameboy. If you have played the gameboy Medabots then you'll understand how this game works and which are the best Medabots. Hopefully there will be an english but for now, let's just enjoy this game cause god this game is really so much fun. Also, special mention to the BGM cause its so good, it really hypes me up in the battle and there's not only one BGM for each battle, just go and play to find out.

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