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Spades Hiroki (SpadesHiro)


As a guy who has been following Custom Maid series starting from the very first CM3D (started actively following the game as they released CM3D2), I'd say that it's a nifty little app that does it own thing. Graphics are pretty much similar to CM3D2 and COM3D2 thanks to their capability of utilising unity engine.

The saddest part of this little app is that it does less than the main game itself (it's understandable as v-tuber is their main focus), lack of content and nothing can be modded as far as I know. KISS and Dwango could've made this much better but it's only as good as it is. They could've made it to play a little bit of LOVE PLUS to engage players with something extra, but I guess that's too much for a mobile v-tuber app (to make it even worse, Reality Avatar did v-tuber app better than Dwango and KISS combined).

Still wished this app is moddable as mods from CM3D2 era is already huge in numbers.

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Ever wanted to make your own Virtual YouTuber but never had the talent and skills to create and animate a 3D model? Custom Cast is here for folk looking to create an animated 3D avatar for just that, with the ability to animate the model via preset animations and even face-tracking and lip syncing! Being a free app, the game does offer a lot of customization options, although with some limits. For one, you can only make female characters, albeit very customizable ones. The clothing options are very limited, but offer up some additional options to really make your character stand out. Once you've created a character, you can try getting the "Vtuber" part of the app working by fiddling with the animation options. It's probably just my phone, but I couldn't really get face tracking and lip syncing to work very well. A more up-to-date phone with a better camera is probably necessary to make this work well! All in all, it's a decent app with a neat character creator to play around with.



Sialannn sagne parah

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