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Tzeo Arudaloo


It's a real time strategy card game that is similar to clash royale where mana increases over time and you play units that battle for you and you play action cards to support them. Play enough cards and you can use your hero action with a cool cut-in animation.Although there is NO chest boxes which is a good thing cuz it also take its cues from hearthstone.Buying card packs, breaking cards and creating new cards with it's resources. You can make 4 different color decks, Red, Green, Purple and Black, each with unique gameplay style. The battle has a time limit of 5mins but they have an Active Response mechanic where both players play action cards to counter action cards which freezes time and ends up longer than 5mins, it almost always ends in a slug fight where no one can finish the other waiting for a timeout. There are familiar capcom IPs so capcom fans would love this.

Chris Christensen


Very interesting real time cardgame. Fast pased and a good amount of content both in gamemodes and deckbuilding. The connection is VERY hit and miss. You will encounter both smooth and very laggy games. In addition, as of this review, there are glitches/exploits in the game that will cost you games. Those are few thankfully, and I find the game fun despite this.

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