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Alchemia Story

Alchemia Story

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edit: The colorful stone are philosopher stone (PS) for gacha And the bluish one are the alchemy stone (AS)(iirc, i think they change the name), for trading item at the mall And here lies the problem. well, the gacha change for the worst. Not by content, but by value. Now on, it's hard to get PS. The meaning to get stones only by grinding events (for now). I dunno what else players can do to get this free stones in the future. There is free 10 pull gacha, but it only around till the end of august, its unclear what will happened later. For the one this September, the free ten pull only last around 10 days before it completely gone. I dunno what happened, it may come back next month or may not at all. My heart bleeds for the newbies. The daily and achievement reward change from PS to AS. The quantity are the problem. U can only get around 30 (iirc) AS from daily and achievement. It was bad because u need 6000 AS to exchange 1 armor or weapon ticket.

Si Fore


This is a turned base, multi job, grindy MMORPG. The game is a "Pay to Win" IF you focus only its market. To be able to enjoy this as a F2p, you need to do some research, pretty much weapons are not the problem here. Even currency is not a problem also the enhancement of both gears and skills. Pretty much, cuz of the YOME system, armor is the least to be worried about. DMG Limit is the main issue which can gain on some UR gears and mostly by max level all the jobs which can be a hell grindy(8-10hrs just to lvl up w/ out buffs) or just lazily do 3 dungeon runs that gives a total 1.5M exp.Every job has a unique combat style that turn a 10k dmg into 300k dmg, which is sometimes the devs didn't bother to explain how to do it...

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