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天地劫 | 繁中版

天地劫 | 繁中版



TL;DR: The BEST F2P SRPG/Turn-based Strategic RPG on the market. Perfectly balance for the early game and the primary Story Mode. Once you hit the bottleneck, you will be unlocking new features/Stages/Special Scenarios for grinding items for upgrades. Balance evaluation: Only for the Early Game atm.

[Honest Review: Special Edition for my first 5★ game]

The stunning graphics and traditional Chinese art style do not disappoint anyone at all.

The amount of VOs is beyond any other games. Wonderful opening theme too!

The plot is...IF YOU HAVE PLAYED THE WHOLE FRANCHISE, this is a MUST PLAY! You are going to enjoy it.

Gameplay wise, there are early stages where you can't use Auto-Play really soon. The amount limited for Raids each day is reasonable; the strategic gameplay and variety of characters are all plausible for any Characters for Sortie (I can use 1★-2★ combination to handle the Story Mode till Chapter 4, and 4 Chapters contain over 20+ Story stages and sub-quests; it also has a remastered version of the original 3 series for new players to delve into the world of [Kalpa of Universe].

Challenge Mode can be a bit easy...if you have [Flying Comments] on, because EVERYONE IS GOING TO SPOIL EVERY CHALLENGING STAGE for you. OFC, you can experience the mind-boggling game mechanics yourself and use it in the real battles (yes, Challenge Mode actually teaches you IMPORTANT gameplay mechanics that will help you really soon!)

Balance wise, I am still at the early game. But based on the progressions, the numbers, the rewards etc., I would say most of us will a wall sooner or later, but the game will then unlock something new for you to grind or additional rewards to keep you in check.

Value wise, for the in-game purchases, all 3 monthly plans are fine, each with their own merits and all are reasonably priced. I don't encourage purchasing Stone of Fate at all for Gachas, 2% for 3★ is a trainwreck...Just get a monthly plan and play hard. Grinding is real. As for Daily Rewards VS Time Consumption, 1:1 is a fair ratio atm for the early game. Basically, if I go lazy, I am really behind; most of the Daily Missions can be done in mintues once you unlock the Raid option, but using that will hinder Story Progression and further delay unlocking all the features in the Late Game...

An hour per day might be needed, but if you are willing to invest, you will be rewarded. Remember, you are progressing faster as you play in the Story Mode, so play more, read more, and get more rewards.

Remember, THIS IS SRPG, the original first of the series was a DIFFICULT SRPG with tons of hidden elements. So, while you are running it down easily in Story Mode, do beware of the TRICKY Sidequests that feature special in-game mechanics. All of them will be explained in advance, so DON'T SKIP or BLINK when you are progressing in the Story.

Finally, I hope you enjoy everything in this game, if you have more to share, please do it in the Comment below.

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irfan dwiputra r


for those who want to play in simplified but has a trouble with chinese id, this one didnt need the id so you can play it freely. the mission such as daily mission and the skill is the same as langrisser for example the heal only using 1 symbol so if you change character and the character has the same symbol skill so it mean the skill is heal. i recommend this for those who like playing langrisser since you can still understand and play it without any trouble even if you dont understand the language

Ricardo Lima


😃 sensacional. so o fato de ter 3 opção de fazer uma conta fácil sem dificuldade de ID doméstico ja vale muito a pena jogar o jogo. devemos agradecer por isso e muito. quantos jogos deixamos de jogar por causa de VPN ou ID. 😃😃 o jogo é bom sim e pode ficar ainda melhor la na frente 👍

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