Lovebrush Chronicles | Simplified Chinese

Lovebrush Chronicles | Simplified Chinese

時空中的繪旅人 | 簡中版



i really love this game oml, here's my rating!

netease did a great job on picking voice actors and its artists to make the illustrations. i don't really understand the storyline but i like it so far with google translate in my side hehe; anways Clarence the god

it's not rlly difficult to be a f2p on this game since there are many achivements that give you much diamonds, you just need to grind <\3

the characters' design are so impressive😭 they're all handsome and wholesome! i hope they're real smh, i want to kith em all

also the background music they created are perfect and enjoyable <3 i wish they add it on spotify or any music platforms lmao.

we rlly need a global version, it's so underrated

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catherine felicia


its beautiful boys world [開心] i need it in English [憋屈]



We need global version, like right now. I'm not even kidding. This game is so interesting and beautiful that even not knowing the language didn't stop me from playing it.

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