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Shadow Hunter: Lost World

Shadow Hunter: Lost World

Shadow Hunter: Lost World




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Kanata Tomokui


If there's a Admin or similar, please help if possible(note about this at bottom of review). Review: This game is one of the best app games ive found. Im bad at doing reviews, but I had more reasons than just the event to review this. This game is extremely enjoyable, and the only reason I dont rate this a perfect score is due to the problems ive always had using a older device with it. I admit they've stepped up their game in that regard compared to before, but it still gets really laggy for me pretty much every level. Note for Admin or similar: That said, i love this game and how much they put into it. The only real problem ive had was that i originally had it from google play, and it was shortly after i was forced to take it off my phone (due to it and other apps taking too much storage), that it became unavailable there on the play store. i lost my save file and had no way to recover due to not having kept my id, and for some reason, even thou i had it in my "library" on playstore, it was deleted from there at the time of it being removed from the store. I cant say it is anyone's fault though since they did give a way to recover the playstore data one lost when that occurred. I can only say that "it sucks, but at least there's new content when i returned". My Play store version account was from when they had been just introducing the 3rd "stage" and the 2nd character was out only for a month at most i believe. I really doubt i can get that previous account data/save back, but if a admin could help me with that, I would greatly appreaciate it. (Also had a question about certain "paid content" and how long it can last for(before i decide if i want to purchase something sometime soon, im waiting to figure it out first but no progress so far.), so if someone sees this and can help please give me notice in a way i can see without having to check(aka some kind of more direct message than this hopefully)



Graphics have come a way, sometimes the game does lag. Looking forward to when the new chapter comes out

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