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My Friend Pedro

My Friend Pedro


AlyneM Game Hunter


The game is somewhat of an action puzzle game. You use angles to make the character jump (like in angry birds), then tap so he'd shoot where you tap.

The goal of the game is to get through the stage without dying. You have to kill the enemies before they kill you, while also going through obstacles. I think it's an interesting concept and a decent way to make it as close as possible to the non-mobile version.

I think the graphics could be better, but it doesn't bother me much. Definitely a good game to pass time for me.

The biggest down side is: if you stay as f2p without buying the premium version, you can't save at checkpoints. If you die, you start over, unfortunately.

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Gabriel Gomes Silva


Funny gameplay, thanks devs changed the check-point system. Fair price.

Angie Bueno


El diseño de escenario, la jugabilidad y la música están increibles

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