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Mandrake Boys - Korean

Mandrake Boys - Korean





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A fine idle game! In this game, you are collecting various mandrake boys and read the inside story of them. You can do; collect boys, adventure to collect story, listen to them talking, buy various mandrake seeds, give and take water jug from friends. I had played this game for a year and made my mind to play it again. Although my previous works was all vanished and eventually forced to restart (because I was an idiot back then who didn't restore the data lol). But I enjoyed collecting them again every days. By the way, you MUST RESTORE THE DATA by facebook and avoid lost all data you made. Just do not being me lol. 🌟🌠Use friend inviting code: GXXFWZBRW6 to earn 30 stars!!!🌠🌟

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