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I waited for this game with so much hype and now that it has released i feel a little bit of dissatisfaction
1- Only 20 songs? that's too few! 😥 I know the game just released and so it'll have a lot of errors and things to improve but it simply feels empty after you finish all the songs... I hope they add a lot more with the time cuz if they don't this game will die and i don't want such a good premise of a game to die
2- i feel like the game just gets stuck while loading sometimes, i know that should be normal cuz it just released and because I'm not in Japan but it's still very annoying when you want to play a song and it just never loads and you have to restart the game, and it's not even multiplayer, i would understand that if it was because i play P.sekai too and it sometimes gets me out of the matches but it doesn't take much to load at least.
3- the game gets very laggy sometimes and it's very annoying cuz that makes me lose my combos :(
and it gets even laggier when you activate vibration, i tried playing with vibration ON and i liked it but i have to turn it off because if not the game is just unplayable, at least for me, idk why, my phone is not even bad it can run most other rhythm games I've tried smoothly
5- The initial gifts, too few of everything, especially the gems for the gacha. It's nice that you get a guaranteed SSR just at the start but they only give you enough gems to perform like 20 more pulls from then and you can get almost nothing from the songs so if they don't add a multiplayer mode where you can get more you will have to buy the gems yes or yes and that's just a good way of making the players sick and bored of your game so i really hope they don't fall in the pit of the greedy ass companies (like for real, bandori gives you like 20,000+ just for "reading" the story and the initial gifts and also the pulls cost 50 less gems! (250 each)

I know the game is new so I'm gonna stay as neutral as i can be with it and keep supporting it for a few months to see how it improves, and i really hope that in some months i can change this review to:
"Excellent game, fun gameplay and it's touhou music what else do i have to say?"

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IceFairyFan Nikarei


Edit : I left this game for a week and a sudden update made it stuck at 25%/50%/75% on regular. Always solvable by changing Internet from WiFi to Data, DNS, VPN if available. TL;DR It's Bang Dream for Touhou. Please dim the background of the beatmap through settings near the play song button. Weird game progression of a unique rhythm game. Give Gacha Pity System please and don't make my Gacha Tickets expire. I'll start with the bad parts because other than that this game is Supreme. [Important] First thing to learn first is that your progress is locked in ハコニワ/Hakoniwa (Story Dorm) and dailies where progressing through it, you will unlock the Comissions, EXP Chip, and Heroine Fragments farm to level up Heroines and opens up Danmaku Mode to level up Mitama Cards. Only after unlocking Danmaku Mode you can start farming the game. Update : I'm out of regular money within 24 hours (Dream Drops/Green Water) limit breaking and leveling the glorious SSR Mitama Cards. -Current primary source of Dream Drops are not Full Combo-ing the themes which is easier on harder difficulty than easy... good luck with that.- Dream Drops come mainly from missions but it's not enough and you are not always notified about it. (Post 1 Month) Exchange Event Format were really generous in terms of Money. I got 6 million Drops from one event. Update 2 : There are confirmed FPS drops and loading stucks especially when you has just changed the Kagura (Beatmap) Settings. (Update to No. 2) The issue with Bulk Download Softlocking in the Settings has been fixed. Value, they nerfed the gacha system but it's worth the gameplay and fanservice. However let me give a lot of issues. - The worst part however, is that GACHA TICKETS EXPIRES AFTER 90 DAYS which is a BIG ISSUE for long term players so you cannot stock up and draw only for your favourite wife which probably releases 3 months from now like Saigyouji Yuyuko or Okina Matara or Junko. - The rate for SSR Mitama Cards is good 4% (3,6% for regular SSR and 0,4% for Emblem SSRs), I DONT FIND ANY PITY SYSTEM FOR SSRs IN CURRENT GACHA (I hope I am wrong). - They give starter SSR through panel mission, be mind that you have to do a survey to get this. - The shop utilizes Sunk Cost Fallacy in which to draw the Starter Gacha 3000 Gems, you have to buy $25 pack and $1 pack (2940 and 120 gems). This will go a long way and I'm afraid for the worst. It feels like the Punishing Gray Raven incident. - Also, 3 tiers of Monthly Cards? *Gameplay, it's literally Bang Dream with Danmaku.* Darken the background first. Don't forget to customize the Rhythm Game Settings near the play button. If they can make the Danmaku more prominent, it'll be a masterpiece. The Rhythm Game lives to standard but the Danmaku should be special. It's more action paced to play than Touhou Lost Word but the core gameplay is locked behind timegated and story in ハコニワ. *Gameplay Progression, it's locked behind ハコニワ as you only get EXP Chips from beating the boss, and to beat the boss you need to access the Danmaku Mode which is locked behind the story of ハコニワ which is TIME GATED by Commissions.* The Danmaku Mode should have been available for the game from the start. Also, the boss doesn't match up with the theme of other characters. You fight Aunn Kumano in Alice Margatroid's theme. The progression is also locked behind your HEROINES LEVEL, NOT MITAMA CARDS (except Damaging Skills ones). The damage dealt to Bosses in Danmaku Mode is gated behind Heroine Fragments, obtained from dailies and GACHA. Fix all of this and create the second best Danmaku game behind Bullet Hell Monday Finale in the future. *The Stamina System. 10 Staminas every 300 minutes doesn't completely halts your progression.* You can play and farm without stamina but don't depend on it. You better Full Combo'd a theme with the unlocked Boss Danmaku Mode from ハコニワ, and use skip tickets to farm it for EXPs every 3 stamina for that sweet 7x multiplier. You can play without stamina but expect minimum rewards. Harder Difficulty doesn't always means better rewards. Auto play is available when you finished the theme accessible during the party selection screen 2nd button from bottom right (DOESN'T APPLY TO DANMAKU MODE WHICH IS THE MAIN EXP FARM EARLY GAME). *Graphics, Top Tier judging from the Gacha Banner Emblem SSR Mitama Card design.* You get full HD SSR which became standard Quality for the level of artwork you will expect. Colorful and Spatially Aesthetic HD Quality Controlled Landscape artwork is a pleasant surprise, and you got pseudo L2D on the level of AndWobble with custom animated effects if you Limit Break their Levels Enough. However, the simplified Touhou Cannonball Quality shows up for the simplified L2D Boss Sprites for Heroines might be very contrasting to the absolute spectacle that is SSR Artwork. Also some characters get heavy Fanservice (Looking at you Murasa Minamitsu). Sound, do I even need to meme about this? Story, good as usual, it doesn't startle and choke ZUN by reading their story during his daily Beer session. They have an unimplemented "Club" (Guild) tab in the shop. This means there will be a ladder/score ranking in the future and guild dailies, but I'm NOT looking forward to the Guild Wars. Thanks for reading, and looking forward to the game in the future.



overall pretty solid experience! the song list, while noticeably smaller than has become the standard for mobile rhythm games, definitely packs a punch. you've got all the touhou mainstays you'd want in a game like this. while the tracks tend to lean towards the older side release date wise, there's some newer stuff thrown in here and there. moving forward i'd definitely like to see more recent releases added to the game, but as it stands it's a pretty solid lineup. as for the gameplay itself, it's pretty much what you'd expect. it follows all the basic visual and layout tropes you'd expect from a game like this, but hey, what works works. the charters being displayed in the infobox is a very nice touch, and avid rhythm game players will recognise some familiar names. there aren't too many different note types - just your classic tap and hold notes, as well as those green notes whose name i don't remember. the implementation of green notes is a little bit janky in some songs, but when they're used well they're *really* fun to play (HANIPAGANDA lunatic comes to mind as a great example). hopefully as the game progresses the charters will get more used to using them, there's a lot of potential but the execution just isn't quite there yet. the timing judgement is rather lenient; which, on one hand, may be pretty uncomfortable for people like myself who prefer more detailed timing feedback, but on the other hand makes the lunatic unlock requirements a lot less difficult, so it's a give and take. just be warned that if you're a person like me who enjoys tapping the playfield between notes to fill empty space, you may end up finding yourself accidentally activating a note you thought was too far away to hit and losing your combo 😅 outside of kagura mode, the game is really charming! while i can't say i'm a fan of the artstyle used for the story cutscenes, the heroine sprites and the hakoniwa sprites are both super cute, the latter having absolutely adorable expressions if you have the time to sit and watch them chat. mitama illustrations are very hit or miss; but there's a huge variety of card artists, and the diversity in illustration styles is very welcome in a time when most similar games will choose a single visual style and stick to it forever. the story itself is pretty average, not really treading any new ground for the characters, but it's still a cute little distraction while you're waiting for your expeditions to return. now, as of writing this there's only been one event so far; but if the quality of this event's story is any indication of future events, then i'd have to say that the event stories more than make up for what the main story lacks. the night of knights story is a lot of fun, with all the unique and interesting character interactions you'd expect from a game like this, so let's hope this becomes the rule and not the exception. as a final point, i will note that a lot of the enjoyment of this game comes from the dialogue in both the story and the hakoniwa mode, and i'm not sure i can recommend this game to non-japanese speakers. at its core, dankagu is a mediocre rhythm game made great by the story and characters surrounding it. maybe not perfect for people only looking for hardcore rhythm gameplay, but that was never the point. it's a super fun time for people who want to see more of touhou's characters and setting in a playful, easy to digest format.

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