NieR Re[in]carnation | Korean/English

NieR Re[in]carnation | Korean/English

NieR Re[in]carnation | Korean/English

P Stands for Pupunator


I played the JP version and the only difference is they are very stingy AF in Global. I remember when it first launched in JP there are tons of gem rewards even small issues in game rewards 1000 gems if I recall it correctly!? but here you only get SSP(small stamina pots).

JP version suffered alot from people who modded the game hopefully in Global they will upgrade their defenses against modders!

Reroll: Who should you look for!

A2 4*(SSS tier) - is still the best character to invest. Her longevity far out shines the rest of automata vol.1/vol.2 characters due to her insane amount of DPS. Upto this date A2 still dominates PVE and PVP in JP. Its best to get her to LB4 ASAP! Use your pity and pray that you get alot of A2 dupes!

- recommended memory: +30% atk -30% def or +15% atk

F66x 4* - Your healer and will support your team in EX quests. Her skill heals party members for 40% HP at max level. She is definitely a keep.

- recommended memory: +15% atk or +15% def

Fio (Simulacrum Girl) - Same with F66x a healer though she's a mix of a tank and heals and if you dont have F66x she is a good pick for a support as well her skill deals damage and heals for 30% hp at max level.

-recommended memory: same as F66x or +15% crit

In your 3rd and final slot choose who ever you want to but in the long run when you unlock EX character quest and unlocked that specific charcter use her/him. If you enhanced/weapon upgrades the ff: characters (2P, 2B, 9S, Frenlyse, Lars). Dark-Lars is the best choice to get because he pumps alot of damage very useful in PVE on the other hand Gayle aka. Frenlyse is PVP oriented.

Subjugation: What to expect? It's akin to the raid mechanic seen in various gacha games it consists of 3 waves and a scoring method. You need to deal as much damage as you need to for you to get a high score. 3 waves meaning 3 characters in 1 wave (no duplicate character costumes) a total of 9 characters, 27 weapons, 9 companions and 27 memoirs.

Edit: The game's state is ultra fast they cramped in 4-5months worth of content in just 1 month. Again VERY STINGY AF no no free gems (gems you get from main stages arent counted). A total of 4-5 months worth of free gems gone in the drain.

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Srsly question . Just wondering . Why they open server for korean (asia) but no other asia ? lol . --- Seems like they lift IP ban . i can connect without VPN in Indonesia .

Razvan Blue


DON'T LET THE REVIEW BOMBERS TURN YOU OFF. This game's sound, if nothing else, is an absolute masterpiece and it only has 4/5 eggs, so you might as well add an extra egg to each individual rating to remove the tumor from this game's reviews. The graphics are superb as well, even for today's mobile standards. In gacha you only draw for weapons, with some giving you characters, similar to SINoALICE. The highest rarity is 4 star, with a 3% rate for non-character and 2% rate for character, out of which 1.5% for featured. Rather than pity, as in most JP gachas, you get 1 token for each draw and you can exchange 200 tokens for a featured character weapon of your choice. Sadly, they don't carry over between gachas and get turned into poop once exchange period is over. The value for money is only 3 times better than Genshin, which is actually about average for gacha games, but pitifully low in general. No monthly/battle pass. However, the rewards you get for free are amazing. Multiple events each month, each giving you 20 draws worth of currency from stage clear rewards alone. Rather than getting big sums of diamonds for free, you usually get lots of daily login diamond campaigns instead (which stack ontop of each other). That and 20 monthly farmable tickets, you can easily get 100+ draws monthly. With story cleared on normal and having played rather infrequently, I've done almost 600 draws already and got every unit I've wanted except one (fcking 180 draws without a single character, God dammit).

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