Saint Seiya: Galaxy Spirits | SEA

Saint Seiya: Galaxy Spirits | SEA

Saint Seiya: Galaxy Spirits

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all great except that VIP system and events that basically required you to top up great amount of money to get what you want, it's not even gacha anymore, it's p2w with little to offer to f2p players, rank 1-3 are basically whalers, almost all the contents are locked behind paywall, no pay no gain. And to those who rate the value above 1star are either in denial or got paid to write the reviews, because I'm 100% sure most of the game contents are premium only, without paying you'll only get a little progression compare to those VIPs, try it yourself without paying a dime and you'll ended way off my rank (I'm a VIP 14 galaxy6 rank 7). It's so funny how we are still supporting this kind of business because tbh it's very bad for the longetivity of the game, and they shamelessly put everything there in our face, yet we are still buying, I guess it's all for convinient-sake of our 'gaming' experience, for example: you want Athena? pay. you want Shaka? go VIP. you want Gemini? Top up. lol



Saint Seiya: Galaxy Spirits is an officially licensed Saint Seiya game. It doesn’t innovate much: use a Gacha system for acquiring characters pieces, collecting materials to improve them, assembling your own team, battle enemies from the series and, most importantly, pay if you want to speed things up. Even so, the game doesn’t fail to entertain! Collecting the characters in the long list of Saint Seiya: Galaxy Spirits, assembling your own team and revisiting your favorite characters and landscapes from the series is always fun! The battle system is as simple as you’d expect from a game like this. Automatic attacks, special moves that can be used at the right timing (or just as soon as possible) e some super-special moves, stronger and with their own special animations. The graphics are styled and simplified, but still faithful to the anime. It’s not gonna change your life, but it can entertain you for a while! I recommend it (it’s free anyways…)!

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