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NEKOPARA - Catboys Paradise

NEKOPARA - Catboys Paradise

NEKOPARA - Catboys Paradise



To anyone who is complaining about how this game (or any other games you might encounter) doesn't let you change the MC's gender: I don't know if I should say that you're overestimating or underestimating Japanese games 😂 With my experience playing both male and female oriented games, I come to this conclusion: "like it or not, a (Japanese) game is either male or female oriented, and usually it's for straight people". There are LGBT-friendly games too, but I'm talking about the majority of them. Even in games where you get to choose MC's gender, there might be some things that suggest which one is the target the developers aimed for, male or female?, e.g they release more bishoujo than ikemen, etc.

Don't believe me or want to argue? You can just play more games and see for yourself then, this is only what I deduced. So, no offense, but if a game doesn't suit your taste, you can find others to play then, because complaining isn't get you anywhere, as it didn't get me anywhere either.

(Side talk: I played one game in a male-oriented series that got an FeMC when it was remade, just to make it more interesting to players. Since then the FeMC have never been acknowledged as canon and the later games in the series never have any other female MC too. An example of how stubborn the developers could get regarding their chosen targeted audience.)

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Hakuryuu Shirone


Can y'all just stop complaining over the protagonist and sexist thingy? This is an OTOME game for God's sake. It's obvious just by looking at it even before the game is released. Don't think of this as "yaoi" or whatever. We females are especially target audience of this game. Anyway, y'all should already know that this is an otome game since the description is written "An otome game with simple smth..... " and that the catboys refer to us as "kanojo" which means "her, she" in English. This isn't a BL. Hope you understand this. The game is just SUPERB. This has already become one of my fav otome games. I love the characters(catboys), graphics, sounds, voices and EVERYTHING. I love this game. Pls make more games like this in the future!

Audrey Lim


What is with these sudden influx of reviews complaining about it only having a female MC???? These are the facts: 1. THIS IS AN OTOME GAME. It is literally in the goddamn game description. You know what otome is? Wikipedia meaning: An otome game, is a story-based video game that is targeted towards women. Generally one of the goals, besides the main plot goal, is to develop a romantic relationship primarily between the female player character and one of several traditionally male characters. Wtf are y'all complaining for? 2. Do you complain of gal games having only a male MC? Do you go to other otome games (eg. Piofore, TxA, CxM etc) and complain of it only having a female MC? No. So wtf are you doing? 3. If you say I'm transphobic etc, please. I get that y'all experience discrimination but stop always playing the victim. This from the start was advertised as an otome, not once did it say otherwise. You are the ones coming here and finding trouble with it for no reason. And when people correct you, you play the victim and act as if they hate trans people when you're the one starting shit. I'm sure there are many other wonderful games with a they/them mc, so why dont you try those instead?

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