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Arya wiratama


amusing just like any other mmorpg, but this one thing bug me, I'm using female knight for "plot" and the way she attacks is kinda funny, the skill say that it'll be aoe, but it doesn't aoe at all, when the skill happen any other mob with one to two radius didn't get affected at all, just passing bay, the mob is pretty tammed, but once the story hit you, you'll be surrounded by mob, 3-4 more mob hitting you rhythmically hp goes geronimo but the way you attack is hitting the mob one per one, you hit one mob until it dies then swicth to the next mob, repeat ,the aoe didn't work at all, so killing only around 40 mob will take soo much time than other mmorpg that can kill 1000 in 5minutes with average level and equip

hope it reach the dev

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I have the same feeling like playing R12 Version of V4, so no further Review then. But honestly, i prefer playing R18 Version even still no English yet....



I like the storyline, it's great. Also the characters voice, it's the best part of this game. Some charas have cute voice, I like it haha. The game size is around 1.7 GB, and yah, yall know the graphics wasn't that gorgeous. But at least, it worth to download if you wanna play MMORPG game but only have 2 GB storage. After all, I like the gameplay, but I hope the graphics can be better.

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