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Black Desert Mobile | Global

Black Desert Mobile | Global

Black Desert Mobile

Arya wiratama


anything about this game is good, the motion so fluid despite being mmorpg with so much other char on site, with proper phone and setting it didn't lag at all, leveling and acquiring money and resources so far pretty easy, the only one that i discomfort is some player saying bad word at the chat service, any other than that i got no complaints

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This has got to be the second best mmorpg on my top 10 so much to do so much to see who will you be

Keneath Jay Ambasan


Well the only thing that disappoints me in global version is that it is money hungry. Unlike in Korean server, you can't buy costumes here using black pearls, and also the character slots only offer one purchased of black pearl. Also I can't find the Growth Quest where it gives you yellow and orange grade equipments. I better stick playing in Korean Server for now and probably won't be playing this game on Global Launch since Lineage 2M will launch on Korea next month. Whilst it's still good to play english games, the thought that this version is way too worst compared to korean version disappoints me.

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