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Create Boyfriend




Un juego interesante cuando sabes que hacer, dificil cuando no entiendes japones ojala estuviera en ingles o mejor aun en español creo que podria tener mucho potencial

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Despite is a bit tedious collecting points to be able to "level up" the characters, it doesn't get boring since it keeps you intrigued what them final appearance will be. The sound is not too nice for me, but it's not bad, the voices of the characters are good at least. The design of the characters seems very nice to me, and some of them really have a glow up when you level them up in their human form already. The language is not a big problem for me, despite I don't understand Japanese, once you understand the mechanics of the game it is quite easy. It is a casual game, but entertaining to pass the time, if you like games like "tycoon" or "collecting" characters and you have patience, this game is for you. [厲害] (PS: It's a funny thing to caress boyfriends when they're not yet human, for me at least). [怪笑] (Another PS: Sumi [if that's your name, at least that's according to my translator] you are my favorite [開心])



It's really cute and it gives us a generous amout of BP for us [賣萌] I also do love the characters too- All of them are so unique and cute ! Especially Makoto [開心]

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