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Princess Tale

Princess Tale

Princess Tale

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For afk game, I already comfortable with this one. Even sometimes you also need strategy for can win in some stages or pvp with other player. Not really waste your time for doing all events, this game can accompany you while eating, working, or do something else. As I say, it was my best choice for afk game.

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Come join the Princess Tale Discord! discord.gg/Tvh7MQ9wmV This game is THE gacha I've always been waiting for... it has all the criteria I look for: Clean 2D graphics in chibi style / Detailed Dmg Statistics window after battles (shows DPS/Healing/Dmg Received for all allies AS WELL AS enemies) / Unique and dynamic skill effects for four skills per unit allowing for creative synergy team-crafting / In-game Chat that's not broken or overly censored / SUPER F2P-friendly (the 7-day newbie event gives out a free premium 10-pull EACH DAY) Plus: Theres NO stamina system and nearly 5% rates for SSR which is really high. You can even synchronize new Lv 1 units up to the lowest lvl in your main lineup for FREE through Crystal Room, and you can completely refund all the resources you invested in a unit for FREE in Rebirth Temple. I wish every gacha had these amazing QoL features... I've only played a week so far, and I'm sure there's even more I'll find to love about this game, definitely a keeper in my book. I made an unofficial discord where players can chat and share tips about the game: discord.gg/Tvh7MQ9wmV Hope to see yall there! ^^



This is an AFK Arena clone, but with very good production values. If you want a more cute AFK Arena, this is the game you've been sleeping on.

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