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PoTII: RB | English

PoTII: RB | English

PoTII: RB | English




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From the first moment I downloaded it I felt like I was going to get hooked, and in the end I really got hooked. I prefer the Japanese version and I have an account there but I can't transfer it to my other cell phone and this is very annoying. I've already tried installing Japanese again from my mobile and it always gives error 400, so now i opted to try the english version. If anyone knows how to resolve error 400, or account transfer please let me know ! you can help someone else with the same problem !



Fun game, can do a lot of things besides of rhythm, such as buying things and be an architecture for your area, bet on gacha if you are lucky enough to get SR (or maybe possibly SSR) at the beginning with only 1 free - 10 pull after end the tutorial. Sooo, I don't know about reroll because i'm too lazy to start another account but you can try i think? Heh. Simping for your favorite characters by giving them gifts. Yeah... Not fancy or special like other game, playing for a long time can get boring but good, fun if you into raising cards. ^^ The tutorial is a bit of slow. Also, full download in settings: about 800mb but I believe it's 1,5 gb or more, I guess. The art or graphics may be old to some of you guys, but to me it's still pretty. Not colorful rainbow eye-catching but still. The music is like OST of the anime this game, you may think it good or not enjoyable is up to you. ^^ And if you want best experience, you should play Japanese version. But, you can play Eng version because it is also good, not afraid of language boundaries. T/s: I miss this anime, so imma watch it again. _(√ ζ ε:)_

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