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For anyone wanna try this, be noted that if a Canada VPN doesn't work, clear the game's cache n try again. Okay so the game's gorgeous, play well (altho it might crash if ya let the device heat up) but since it's both a Netmarble & Marvel/Disney's IP, prepare for some serious monetization models.

Edit for further in-depth review: This is not a hero gacha game, it's more like a superhero mobile semi-open world mmorpg. You choose a hero from the roster and play. Gacha is mainly for costume (visual n stats), omega cards (stats). The currency needed for gacha is stupidly disproportionate - ya thinking about 200/1800 rolls while reward for playing is around 10, 15 each (and there aint many). Quest reward so far has only given 1-3* costume chest (5* is max in gacha). The best chance for you to get high* ones rn is login in, and hope for luck with the convergence box (48hr random refresh rewards). Or pay money, of course.
The game itself is fine, at least it's not highly automated like Netmarble's other craps, but require manual control in fight for maximum efficiency - esp. with splash dmg skills. Performance is alright, but remember to keep heat optimization on or it will crash your game.

In general: A standard mobile mmorpg rehashed to fit western theme, with excellent graphics, okay gameplay, but still with the terrible monetization. Prolly 6.5/10.

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beta zest


Games : Marvel Future Revolution Language : English Size : 6.3GB Price : Free Platform : Android, IOS [Notes] MARVEL Future Revolution has soft-launched in Canada. * Canada region is necessary. Players from other region need to use a VPN and select Canada node. Or you cannot enter the game. * Your device needs at least 6GB space to install the full game. Download : QooApp https://apps.qoo-app.com/en/app/12519 TapTap https://www.taptap.io/app/218831 IOS Coming Soon 🌟Graphic 4/5 🌟Sound 4/5 🌟Gameplay 4/5 🌟Storyline 4/5 This is mobile MMORPG with Marvel characters like iron-man, spiderman, captain marvel, captain America and more. This games absolutely have nice graphics. Also the games use hack & slash battle system gameplay. I think games have potential to be the best mobile games in future. For now this games is just release is Canada. But you can still play with VPN. Overoll 4.5/5 🌟🌟🌟 Gameplay : https://youtu.be/W2OEP0jk9hY #MarvelFutureRevolution #Marvel ​#mobilegames --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- NEWS GAMES TO PLAY ON 2021: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLvu5DpQfyeLr8Qw7cDh3Ik7z9cY5qDr-4 UPCOMING GAMES 2021: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLvu5DpQfyeLruP_M_94iXiStsBSdv2UnS

Wei Shen


刚体验了一下,一开始新手教学体验不错 很像是在看电影 不过就是有点长了。当时我就心想难道真的那么良心吗 真的是开放世界吗?结果教学完正式进入游戏,满屏的玩家 我就觉得不对劲了,再看 满屏的怪等着你刷 ,再看 左下角自动键给你按,而且还有战力系统。嗯 果然还是那个味道 就和天堂 二之国一样刷刷刷。撇开这些不说 画质是真的好看,可惜了结果还是一个自动刷刷刷的游戏,韩国的游戏模式什么时候能脱离自动刷刷刷。而且这游戏说是开放世界,我目前玩的第一个图(一共五个图),一进去 看了一眼地图 是真的小,而且还有空气墙。

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