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My Puppy Fiancé | English

My Puppy Fiancé | English

My Puppy Fiancé | English



hi seec inc [微笑]

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(I havent finished the game yet so bare with me + Im not a girl but the game looked interesting to play so yeah) I'll just give the general idea of the game's story before jumping to my honest opinion. Summary (Non-spoiler version): You (The player) is getting an arranged marriage from you dad after you had turned 18 but you aren't interested in love or wanting to marry someone and thought that marrying at the age of 18 was too much. You ended up playing fire with fire and lied to your dad about having a (nonexistent) boyfriend and you've messed up. On that day, you spot a boy begging for food and promised to be your (temporary) boyfriend in exchange for shelter + food. Of course you saw you opportunity and took him in and placed him in a villa. You have a month (following the storyline of course) to turn him into a 'perfect' boyfriend. My whole thoughts on the game: The game itself is cute unless you're into petplay (lmao). I'm currently on the middle part of the story btw. Gameplay wise, its basically a clicker game. You tap the screen, you get EXP to further the story. Unless you despise clicker games, it's not gonna be your game then. You can wait but its gonna be a whole lot of boredom. Btw, I love the MC aka us the player because not only she is rich but she can literally do anything. I respect her fully lmao. The graphics is like your standard Otome game and it does have chibi drawings of Pochi, the dog-like boy that you "adopt" and as well as Maki too. The BGM is nice, especially when you go to Maki's room. I guess since I'm a huge fan of jazzy and bossa nova like BGMs. The prices aren't that bad. Affordable but it depends if you want to afford it. Plus, it seems like you can remove ads and get free sodas (which are one of the items to gain more Exp other than clicking) Overall, its just load of waiting and since it has multiple endings and routes you take (I guess since I saw on the shop that you can get bonus content on Pochi or Maki), I decided to get all of them because why not? Thats all for my general review of the game. I might update if I have finished the game itself + having all of the endings.

Mai Sahara


[怪笑]I'm still on chapter 6 but so far i love the gameplay! Thank you SEEC for giving us another masterpiece ❤️ I love the stills and mini characters of pochi their so cute ❤️

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