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Hatsune Miku Tycoon

Hatsune Miku Tycoon

Hatsune Miku Tycoon



It is similar with that card game i used to play (in my language we called it capsa banting. Idk what's the name in english). And i believe those who played that kind of card game find this enjoyable. Moreover it's Miku in skin, so it's a very big plus for me.

just one annoying thing is you literally HAVE TO watch ads to regenerate stamina. The stamina doesn't automatically regenerated, you know like 1 stamina for every 30 minutes or something. Not a bad strategy to earn money for the free app, but it's just.. annoying af.

It feels like the purpose of this app is a media to advertise other app. So the target market is people who interested in the name "Hatsune Miku's games" will try to play it. Something like:
"Hey it's a Miku's game! let's try it."
"No more stamina, have to watch ads then."
"Oh cool ads, the game interesting. I'll try to download it later."
proceed to download the game, never played this card game Miku tychoon or whatever the name is again.

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its miku so yes

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