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I feel for the poor sap who does the collab events cause he's the only one worth anything. The events now have 300 layers of conditions like have a combo else they heal that gets ridiculous. Plus the rates are ridiculously low, and they have a constant "This monster is fodder... psych! Its actually gets a better evolution or becomes required to evolve another monster."

I miss when every dungeon wasn't so tedious.

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I'm a PAD veteran (I played it close to release in 2013) and while the game has been subjected to insane powercreep, it's supported by a loyal fanbase and simple gameplay as its backbone. However, don't be deceived by the gameplay mechanics - it isn't your ordinary match-3, and things can get complicated very quickly! While a lot of end-game content is locked behind a specific few meta leads at this point, there's plenty of other content for you to go through and this game is a labour of love. It's generous with Magic Stones (its premium currency) and you don't really get the feeling that you're being forced to play (like in most other predatory gacha games). The monster exchange system coupled with tons of freebies also gives many players a proper and fair shot at getting their dream units. This is a game that truly cares for its players' welfare, and while its admittedly dated gameplay might not stand up to a lot of the other modern gacha games, its core simplicity is very appealing and you at the very least wouldn't feel taken advantage of. I highly recommend giving it a shot or playing it casually.

Jarod Lee


I have been playing this for many years. Yes the game for me has slowly become less exciting but it is still a very good game. And the gems they give out to free players are very generous

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