Alice Closet: anime dress up | English

Alice Closet: anime dress up | English

Alice Closet: anime dress up | English



Okay, so. Alice Closet is a really really good game. But this Global version has some very visible issues.

The first one would be the translation: It's FULL of typos, starting by how Seilan's name is not properly capitalized, how some names are not correctly formatted into the dialogue box (creating weird spaces between names and other words) and the english in some parts is... Questionable.

You CAN, and WILL be able to, understand the game and it's plot, but it will be really noticeable that some things are not properly done.

Secondly, if I remember correctly in the JP version you could choose your first Alice out of the main three. They gave you the option to get Sakura, Margaret (whom I believe was named Margherite) and Iris. The prologue was, iirc, playable. In this version, they default to Sakura AND the whole prologue is a video that goes *way too fast*. It's difficult to catch what they say, to be honest.

And finally, the last problem is... they added ads. Even though they are fully optional, some of the screens have got some very annoyingly placed "Ads" buttons, which honestly just... look ugly, out of place and annoy me www

But all in all, it does seem like a really good version, so I recommend wholly to give it a chance!!

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L2DM or Rebekah's promotion of this game made me play this game and I never regretted playing it one bit! This is a pretty simple game but that's what makes it challenging as well because of the stages gets harder and harder! The story seems relaxed but it's also building for something heavy and depressing which makes me worried for a bit. In the game stages, you would know what are the requirements but it's also simple yet limited in a way, it's quite a grindy game! I also like how we can have some chat with the other characters in the game and I especially love Seiran (sorry Shiki). I was hoping that this game would have an Otome mini-game where you can choose which of the five hot characters you could date sub-story wise! I really [睡覺]wanna know Seiran more![害羞]

Đông Đông


Overall the game is enjoyable. Still, there's missing some requirable function like linking account and history chats/calls

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