Gundam Supreme Battle | Traditional Chinese

Gundam Supreme Battle | Traditional Chinese

Gundam Supreme Battle | Traditional Chinese



Gundam fan here, despite being a fan of the franchise, I will offer score from non-fan perspective too.
(Minor updates with Notes on various aspects)
(The review will be updated whenever new information is gathered, till I drop the game)

Probably the only non-MOBA/non-FPS game that requires mechanical skills and in-game knowledge. Again, IRL money does FLATTEN the leveled playing field. But when you are head-to-head against an even power-level MS, you just have to be more skillful player to defeat the opponents. The first few PVPs are AIs for sure, but once they let you face the real human opponents, you will find a hard time struggling with the free MS.

★★Game type★★
Smartphone-based Console Game. It requires hours of grinding (Reward Bar does not fill up to 10% after 30 minutes of PVPs...). It can literally take HOURS to fill up the Daily Reward Bar Capacity. If you are looking for that one game where you can play for hours, this is it. No fights is the same, everything requires skill and in-game knowledge.

It does not require a schedule. All you need is log in, and play till you are exhausted.

High amount of time consumption with little or close-to-nothing as rewards.
As I have mentioned, 30 minutes+ of PVP net you only around 10% of the Daily Reward Capacity.
300 minutes=5 hours...
Battery consumption is lower than GBGW, yet up to 5 hours of grinding may be needed.
Also, the Star System Upgrade is entirely dependent on your Gachas...let me put it this way: you 500 hours of hardwork gameplay can literally net only an net improvement in Power Level by only 5% or less...
I have to say: when your fate is entirely on Gachas...GL HF
Time consumption to Reward ratio is at 10:1...
(TRIPLE-CHECKED, only PVP gives rewards for Progression Rewards and fill out Daily Reward Capacity...there are already players that can dominate PVPs by endless full combo from 100 to 0. I had already been DELETED without a single 5 out of 10 times in PVPs on average)

Visuals: If you take some time looking at the details on the mobile suits, you have to give them a 5. 5★
Audios: Many lines with VOs. Iconic SEs, the music/score is fine. 4★
Gameplay: I don't think there is another Gundam game on mobile that requires such thorough in-game knowledge and complex mechanical skills. 5★
Storyline: From a fan perspective, I hate to rewatch the story...I like those old stories, but I don't want to relive the ones I am not interested. We are forced to level up and only play through stories we have watched in animes. But I do understand this is what some of the fans want. 3★

★★★Game Balance at First Glance★★★
The parameters on each MS are very defining atm. And like the other older versions of Gundam VS, it is likely you might be using a fully-upgraded 1★ unit to defeat a fully-upgraded 3★ unit if you have the skills and in-game knowledge.

Each MS has different moves/weapons. Knowing the range and combos are just the basics, you also need to know your enemy's unit too. CDs are real, you can press everything instantly and smash buttons to win. Consider this a very realistic fighting game. You can't do unlimited combos (fun fact: I got chained from 100 to 0 in my 5th Solo PVP with my 2nd MS. I do not know how the opponent did it, but somehow, Strike Gundam [Standard Form] can chain-combo endlessly)

Vertical thruster has a 3 second limit, which is quite...rigid...but putting a cap does guaratee some lame things will never happen.

(Update: MA wil be released later...MUCH LATER...and rumors say THEY ARE OP...)
★★Honest Review★★
From everything gathered so far, 2★ MS unit can defeat 2 3★ MS units as long as you have the skills to do it. It is possible, just VERY HARD.

There used to be a China Server, but they were losing income fast. Server shut down.

This is a skill-based game that requires good in-game knowledge. If you are going casual, this is not a game for you.

As a non-fan gamer, if you are looking for something that is as demanding as MOBA/FPS but not of those genres, try this.

The game is quite demanding in every way: skill requirement, in-game knowledge, hours on grinding/farming/PVPing, reaction speed, perpherial vision (oh yeah, this game , you really need to be watching the map and be aware of the enemies position, projectiles and your own teammates. FRIENDLY FIRE IS ALLOWED). I strongly suggest no casual gamers should play this at all.

Overall, this game shows potential for a new eSport franchise, but given the negativity in the in-game chatroom, fans or non-fans, players may not be staying for too long.

(On Mechanical Skills, THIS GAME IS REALLY HARDCORE SKILL-BASED. If you are not going to dedicate into sharpening your skill to perfection, just roll with luck in PVPs...stay positive and pray for a carrying partner. I only met one over my 10 2V2 matches...)
(No suggestion for improvement; from a developer perspective, the current design favours all who are willing to pay and encourages P2Whales to finanically sustain the servers. We can only hope one day, they make some changes so F2Pers can at least find easier ways to enjoy the game)
★★Score References★★
As a game itself: 4 out of 5
As a potential eSport: 4 out of 5
As a casual F2P game: 1 out of 5
As a game for fans of the franchise: 3 out of 5 (very mixed feelings for the very mixed fanbase)
★Personal Request★
Please make Graze (Dainsleif) happen.

I like to see this 1★ MS 1-shoting a fully-upgraded 5★ Barbatos Lupus Rex//Gusion Rebake Full City from outer space.


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[發火] when are the servers going live? update: I will try this again when it releases in NA the lag was terrible.



man i waited for so long to get a game like this and finaly this came out and i love every thing about it from game play, story, and all. love this game

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