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Honkai Impact 3rd | SEA

Honkai Impact 3rd | SEA

Honkai Impact 3rd | SEA



its different from other gacha games that has the audacity to but "action" on their game because Honkai actually delivers on it promises,
its can be played casually or for very long period of time

it not a perfect game and playing this game on mobile is fun but not everyone is apart of the 1% and can buy the newest iphone on releast .
i recommend this game but preferably play the PC version cause HK3 hogs quite a bit of your phone storage .

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I'm going to be honest with this review. Gameplay: at first its really fascinating but the more you play, the more you kind of get bored of. The gacha ratings arent that bad but could improve. Sound: Really nice but could improve if more voice lines were added. Graphics: Graphics has to be 10/10, its very detailed and the fact that you can change your graphics in settings are on point👌 Storyline: It gets really interesting as you move along, trust me. You will enjoy story more than the gameplay. Overall: Its really a good game for people who are into action,anime,fighting,gacha game. I personally enjoyed this game quite alot since i love the character design and the story. BUT the longer you play, you will soon realize its quite Pay 2 win... You guys can agree or disagree but end game are usually pay 2 win since it gets really challenging and the grind gets really hard. Thanks for reading my review, hope you enjoyed the game as much as i do.😄



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