Discord - Talk, Video Chat & Hang Out with Friends

Discord - Talk, Video Chat & Hang Out with Friends

Discord - Talk, Video Chat & Hang Out with Friends



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It is by far the best communicative tool. Screen-sharing, streaming, video conference, message board, member management, bot-access functions, etc.

It does everything and you can track everything mentioned. You can create different channels, audio and text (hopefully video channel soon).

Zoom is just bad. The boomer talk, seriously, I have met tons of Mods and Dungeon Masters over age of 50s using Discord. Just because the society forces us to use Zoom, don't pin that to a specific group. Sterotyping is bad, and it's unfair to those who are more adaptable.

Also, those over 60s, some use Google Meet, do your research before throwing people under the bus (there are other methods too, not just the few that are mentioned).

Discord, it's just a superior way to communicate.
Visual layout: 5, easy to understand, everything is visible.

Audio: 3, sometimes the mic and sound setting will get haywired...everyone has those times

Functions: 5, everything you need is there. With access to bots, you can do many miracles.

Story: N/A or 5, if you have read every patches they have released and the description on bug fixes, you should be having a good laugh each time they update. They narrate a story in such a hilarious way, you are always entertained on each patch.

Value: Solid 5, if you can find something better, please share with us.

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4 потому что мне никто не помурчал и ножки не скинул



Not gonna lie i wish my school wasn't a bunch of 1990's people and use this app instead of Zoom jokes aside this is probably one of the best texting app ive seen so far heres why... Custom emojis, Bots that you can use to play on or make Clones of yourself, you can add as many channels as you want, and more i forgot the rest but yeah 10/10 app

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